I’ve started my IndieGogo Campaign!!

It’s finally happened. Today, I throw my hat into the ring and have started my very first indiegogo campaign For my RPG, “The Adventures of Sam and Hunni”

You can check it out and donate by clicking the link below:



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  • 3 months ago

It’s been a long time since I blogged anything here…

Hello everyone!

It’s bee far too long since I have blogged anything here. It’s mainly because I have been busy working on my RPG’s, which despite pushing the demo release dates back TWICE, have been going along quite well. 

So, here’s some more details into what I have been doing lately:

Every since I got the full version of RMXVA on steam, I have been working like crazy to learn how to use the software, as well as building the RPGs - which is also the reason I have pushed the release date back two times. But at the same time, I would rather have a working demo that doesn’t look like shit, and is worthy of everyone’s time, so if I have to push the release date back again, I will do so (I really hope I won’t have to bush the date back again).

In addition of working with, and learning how to use my software, I have also been making a new PlayBoyMan Games website. It was going to be hosted on the webs.com hosting service, but designing it there made the site look way too amateur for my tastes, and it was hard to use the design tools (highly unresponsive), so after a little searching, I’m going to host my site on Wix.com instead, which is fucking PERFECT.

Sorry for the language. Unlike my other blogs and twitter, I try to keep it PG-13 here. 

I’ve also been setting up payment options for my near-future customers as well. I will be accepting Paypal, and Bitcoin are the primary methods of payment, with more options to come thereafter.

On top of that, I have revisited a game I was about to 86 into the recycle bin, but I have decided to revamp it and create it as an RPG (YES, a 3rd RPG, deal with it).

And as we speak, I have started a Bitcoin Starter for getting content for my 2nd RPG, “The Tree of Death”.

If you can contribute, donate here and/or spread the word: 


Oh, and hopefully, The demo release of “The Adventures of Sam and Hunni” will be available on March 31st, 2014…I’m hoping.

Be back soon, as I must get back to making games.


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  • 6 months ago

Battle Temples, and Demo Release Date! Oh MY !!

OK…So picture it: Last Saturday (10/26/2013) I had just finished watching setting up a few things on my PC, and spent the last few hours trying like crazy to figure out how to make Level Grinding in my RPG Games fun and entertaining.

It was driving me nuts.

So to help regain my sanity (what very little I have left), I went to the youtube. Couple of cat videos, a review of some games here and there, some music videos….

until I finally came across this video:


I watched it from start to finish. It’s a very catchy song. And just like that, the answer came to me.

It smacked me in the face like, that time I smacked myself in the face to stay awake (FYI: I’m really sleepy as I write this).

The Battle Temple that has Different rooms, each with monsters of varying difficulty, but have 2x,3x, even 4x the EXP than the monsters you’d find as you travel around in the world terrain.

I’ll post a Youtube video of the temple in action, which will have more details about the Battle Temple. 

Oh, and I should also take this time to let you all know that a Demo of “The Adventures of Sam and Hunni” will be available for PC Windows, December 13, 2013 is the target date I’m shooting for.

More info to come….Stay Tuned.

UPDATE: he demo release date for “The Adventures of Sam and Hunni” has been pushed back to Jan 10, 2014

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  • 10 months ago

The Road thus Far….

I have been making a ton of progress in the games I’m working on. The layout for “The Adventures of Sam and Hunni” Is 1/3 Done, and there is going to be a Video Update on Youtube in the coming weeks on all the progress and changes I’ve made.

I will also be casting my works in progress games on Twitch.tv as well at night. Point your Browser to twitch.tv/godofkonckers and follow me on twitter at @PlayBoyMan (NSFW) and @PlayBoyManGames for casting updates.

I’m also working on the Second game in the Works. The title is still TBD, and the storyline is finding it’s way….But all that pales in comparison to the big news at I want to share with you. I’ve decided that the hero of the next game, will be based on a twitch.tv Caster!

There are some details that I must sort out (Like asking the caster I have in mind some important questions), but it’s going to be great.

I’m also looking for donations so I can get a copy of RPG Maker VX ACE for Steam. And help/suggestions/advice is always welcome.


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  • 1 year ago

New game in the works: Untitled Project 2

From PlayBoyMan Games:

I’ve come up with a new game that is a parody of the classic NES game ShadowGate, but with a twist.

The Story: You are an warrior, who must stop the evil Load Dino from bringing the ultimate evil demon from the hellish dimension QWOP, and use his endless power to rule the world. You must enter the castle “insert castle name here” and face the challenges within. It’s a total Parody of the game, but with a very different feel.

It’s currently in it’s concept phase, but it’s going to be something you’ll really want to play.

I’ll have more details in the coming weeks.


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  • 1 year ago

Progress of "The Adventures of Sam and Hunni" - Comment and enjoy.

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  • 1 year ago

Can you spare a dime?

You may have noticed that pitchin box at the top of the blog. It’s for a good cause. I need the full Version of RPG Maker VX Ace. Its a good engine, and I am getting used to the controls at a faster pace.

The issue is that the Lite version of this engine can only support a limited number of events per map - 10 to be exact, and I need more than that to make the game in the vision I want.

The current setup hurts the design of the game’s original concept, and the impact is forcing me to change things around a lot. Not Good. So, If you can spare some cash, go to the very top of this blog page, and click that chipin button. Whatever you can spare will help me a great deal.

Not only will this help “The Adventures of Sam and Hunni”, but It will help make future games possible as well. The full version of RPG Makex VX Ace (Man, that is a long name), is very flexible, and has just what I need. 70 dollars will go a long way for me and PlayBoyMan Games.

Thanks so much in advance for chipping in.


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  • 1 year ago

That’s the Name of the Game. Thanks @imagoochallenge

After contacting and offering posts to the the imagoo.com website, a title has been decided on the “Untitled Game Project”

The game’s official title is “The Adventures of Sam and Hunni” with 53% of the votes. “The Package” got 47% of the votes, so it was close.

So, if anyone asks you what the game I’m making is called, now you know:

"The Adventures of Sam and Hunni"

I also asked a few more questions on Imagoo, and here were the results:

"What should the RPG game have?"
"Boobs and Weed" won with 80% of the votes, with 20% against it.

"What would you like in the RPG Game I’m making"

"Swear Words" won out with 64% of the vote.

This was epic! Thank you for helping me out. Your opinions mean a lot.

There are more changes and updates coming, and I’ll keep you in the loop as they happen.

Thanks to Imagoo.com for being such a cool website. It’s handy for decision-making issues like mine.

You can follow them on Twitter: @ImagooChallenge, and please sign up to Imagoo.com - it’s a great website.


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  • 1 year ago

what should the name of the game be?

The Game “Untitled Game Project” is close to having a official title. YAY!The only catch is that I can’t decide which title would be the better fit.

It’s down to TWO choices:

"The Adventures of Sam and Hunni" and

"The Package"

Its so hard to choose, so what should the name of the game be? leave comments here and feel free to tweet me at @PlayBoyMan, and/or at @PlayBoyManGames.


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  • 1 year ago

PlayBoyMan Games Alpha/Beta Testers Group open on Facebook

I’ve made a group facebook page for PlayBoyMan Games. It’s mainly for the closed alpha and beta testers and maybe fans of my work.If you are on Facebook, request joining the group here:


And don’t worry - There is going to be a tumblr page for all you non-facebook users as well. I don’t want anyone to feel left out. :D

(For some reason the link only goes to facebook.com, and not to the group. Just copypasta the url into your browser’s address bar.)

More to Come….

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  • 1 year ago

Tester Facebook Page for Closed Alphas coming soon…

For Facebook users, I’ve made a testing page for Closed Alpha and Beta Testers for PlayBoyMan Games.

It will be available once I’ve worked out all the kinks, and setup my dropbox account properly. I might also Make a Tumblr Page (Yes, Another one), for users who don’t use Facebook.

To be clear: This group it for Closed Alpha and Closed Beta Testing ONLY. Public Alpha and Betas will be available here on this tumblr.

More to come.


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  • 1 year ago

Untitled Game Project is now in Closed Alpha.

I’ve made an early Alpha Build for testing. It’s a Closed Alpha, and the Testers have all been chosen.

The plan is to make sure the damn thing runs on other PC’s without exploding or causing World War 3 on Startup.

I kid. Just want to make sure it runs. The World will keep Spinning.

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  • 1 year ago

Ladies and Gents, PlayBoyMan Games.

Greetings !

Welcome to OFFICIAL blog of PlayBoyMan Games, my Indie Developer Blog for all my games.

Pretty, yes? It took awhile to come up with a theme to choose, and I like this one. It’s still needs working on, but for now, I’m OK with the current layout to make this blog public.

I’ll be posting all my progress on my works here. And in the near future, I’ll create a Facebook page too, so all you FB users can keep up to speed as well.

I’m looking forward to all of this. I do hope you enjoy what I’m offering to the messes

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  • 1 year ago